TISER LLC is an engineering company that develops, manufactures and supplies high-tech knowledge-intensive products in the energy-, chemical-, sugar-, distillery- and other industries. Our company specializes in the development and production of the processing equipment and automation systems.

Our company’s story goes back to 1992. Over the years, the company’s specialists have accumulated unbeatable working experience and can gladly share it. The developed and implemented projects bring real positive results and gratitude of our “old” friends and new clients.

Immense production potential, high experts qualification, use of innovative information technologies and the automatic project management system implemented by the company allow us carrying out any work package reliably and on a qualitative level – from conducting initial engineering calculations and production of an individual process unit to the “turn-key” construction of a modern plant.


Individual and creative approach to supplying our clients with products and services in the sphere of industrial automation and processing equipment manufacture, aiming at the most complete and effective solution of the clients’ tasks related to the manufacturing processes’ and equipment management.

– Creation of steady, long-term, mutually beneficial and harmonious co-operation.

– Providing proper conditions for the employees’ self-realization.

– Development of high relationship culture to the advantage of the company and society as a whole.


Ultimate satisfaction of the client needs by offering the most effective and comprehensive solutions in the sphere of industrial automation, production of high quality processing equipment, upgrading the process’ and heat balance’ schemes of the sugar-, distillery- and food industry plants directed at conservation of resources, improving the manufactured products quality and the safety of manufacturing processes.


The five main lines of our company activities are as follows:

Sugar industry

Development and manufacture of sugar production equipment

Distillery industry

Development and manufacture of the ethanol production equipment

Manufacturing processes' and production automation systems

Development, manufacture and programming of the Industrial Process Control Systems

Heat and Power Facilities

Design, development and manufacture of the heat and power facilities equipment

Own production

Development and manufacture of various products